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Problems facing the world's children 

Children, because of their size, innocence and vulnerability are more easily harmed by any negative factors in their environment. Global warming, pollution, hunger, war and disease are some of the larger problems that face children all over the world and they are more affected by those problems than are adults. Because they are global problems they are best solved with global solutions -- 
a worldwide community of parents.


Global Warming






Jean Charlot "Mere et Enfant"

  Global Warming: the parent's view        



Though the scientific evidence for global warming is overwhelming,
it need not be conclusive before parents should act.

To wait for proof is to conduct an experiment - the role of scientists.
To look for possible dangers and to protect the children - the role of parents.


Few parents, when hearing a loud bang at a playground, would wait for a police
report confirming that it was a gun shot before jumping to protect the children.


The solutions for global warming would be good things to do for the children and the world whether global warming existed or not.

Conserving energy and resources and other steps are good things to do regardless.


We and the children gain by being more responsible with our children's resources.

    Efforts to better oneself,  local community involvement and global participation to improve the world are all positive role models.    
      We can change the world while also being a positive role model for the children.  

A global community of parents would make children and their future central.

  Pollution: the parent's view      
    Just as we want pure air and water in our homes so we should want it everywhere.  Our atmosphere is one atmosphere shared by all and the world's water moves through cycles that interconnects our rivers, streams and oceans. They are the global shared essentials for life and should be protected as such.  
    Pollutants do not go away. 
They accumulate and leave a growing concentration of poisons to affect the children
    Children are more sensitive to the effects of pollutants than are adults.  
  Poverty: the parent's view      
    A safe and beautiful environment is something each parent wishes for their children.  Those children that are not our biological children will grow up to be a very important part our children's environment; their friends, neighbors, workmates and countrymen.  All children should be lifted from poverty.  
  Disease: the parent's view      
    Simple morality necessitates we move to have children have healthy childhoods.  
  Hunger: the parent's view      
    Many parents stress to their children that they should share.  We want them to be noble and we should demonstrate nobility on our parts by working to end hunger among the world's children whether in our nation or any other nation.  
  War: the parent's view        
    Beyond the manifest reasons war should be avoided, modern military conflict nearly always impacts civilians and among civilians there is a population as particular risk to the deprivations of war.   












El Ninos


Les Enfants





Quotation at top by Dietrich Bonhoeffer

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