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Our Best Intentions 

The state of the world is such that there are many problems affecting children that must be solved.  However, just as each parent has hopes and dreams for their children, the world's parents can look past today's problems to the hopes and dreams we might have for the world's children and the earth in the future.  Solutions to today's issues are an immediate necessity but so perhaps are the long term paths that will both prevent future problems and foster fufiling, wonderful lives for all the coming generations.



A Global Village nurturing all the world's children

This is the central mission of World Parent.  The world's children share one home, a home that is increasingly affected by people in distant lands, peoples whose affects can alter local environments and also alter the entire planet.  A global parent body shape those effects.  A global community of parents can not only address the many problems facing the coming generations but also begin to establish a world where there things are improving, where children are safer and happier, where parents less less time wondering about how to protect their children and more time contemplating and presenting what would be best for them.  The world's parents can reform this planet into a nursery, a kindergarten, a school and a college within which to raise children, children who will grow to be better parents than we were and whose children, in turn, will outshine their parents.

  "It takes a village to raise a child."
 African proverb

A beautiful, diverse, lush planet

Our planet is our children's home and therefore should be a place teeming with life and beauty resting within an atmosphere of peace and harmony.  The countless generations before us inherited an earth filled with many species to marvel at, vistas to contemplate and sections of woods or other areas of special meaning to them; an abundant diversity of species a palette of colors and behaviors to delight in. Our legacy must include at the least what was left to us and should provide more natural areas for future generations to appreciate.  The care, effort and concern placed in our individual gardens and landscapes extended to include the beauty of the entire planet would fertilize the globe and engender in future generations and deeper love for life itself as manifested in themselves and the many other species on this living globe.

  "We must cultivate our garden."

A planet of diverse communities

A wonderful diversity in life should manifest not only in other species but also in our own.  The healthiest global community of parents would grow out of a rich diversity of local communities sprinkling the entire globe and the strength and common mission from the global community that it is the children that are important would in turn empower local communities.  Then in turn the graces of each individual will empower local communities and the larger global community with that global community in turn providing a matrix of unity and support.


"Human solidarity is the necessary condition for the unfolding of any one individual." ~  Erich Fromm


A environment in which to grow

Nutrition to live for:  Adequate nutrition must be our present goal but it is only a stop gap agenda to address the deplorable, pervasive hunger that is shrinking childhood around the world.  A longer term intention is a high plane of nutrition in which each child's body and mind may reach its full biological potential and firmly establish both mental and physical health for the longer life that must follow. 

Education for the mind, heart and spirit:  We seek to provide an education that not only provides the skills and knowledge needed to step into a useful role in society but also one that fosters an understanding of humanity, a generosity of spirit, an impatience for inequity and a passion for life. 

Sustainability: Sustainability is merely extended child care. How we the planet and its resources must be such that those same resources will be abundant and untainted for future generations.


  "Teaching is not filling up a pail, it is lighting a fire." ~  William Butler Yeats  

Designing a future 

Besides optimum nutrition, a lush planet and diverse communities there are many other hopes for our children.  Our children and our grandchildren will one day be adults who live in the world we leave them.  Perhaps our world can never be perfect, but it can be much more peaceful, much more harmonious, much more humane that the one we live in now. And we can begin change first by envisioning it and then by planning for it.  As it stands now the world's cultures adapt and change to technology, events and circumstances as they arise.  We have no plan for the future of the planet and our children. By not planning we manifest no hopes for the future, for the lives of those who will follow us.  Certainly we are all fallible human beings and our plans will not be perfect but plans may evolve.  At the very least our efforts and plans will let our children know we felt they we important enough to work together in an attempt to create a better world.  And how can the thoughts and hopes of the world's parents mixed and gradually improved not improve things?  The mere act of working together will improve things.  Our plans cannot help but do more.


"We need a multiplicity of visions, dreams and prophecies - images of potential tomorrows." ~  Alvin Tofler













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Quotation at the top is by Henry Ward Beecher

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